The One Year Rule

If you are a photographer, you probably want to sell your work at some point, but a lot of us don’t know when we are actually “ready” to start. So how do you know when you have made a really good photo that is worthy of selling? Sure, you might be super stoked on a photo, but after a while you may find yourself becoming bored with it. Personal bias can make a shitty photo seem like a great one too, so it is important to know whether you really have a good image before you choose to sell it.

Personally, I think one of the easiest and most effective ways to decide whether to sell an image or not is the one year rule. There are a lot of variations to this rule, but the basic idea is that if an image still makes you happy(or sad, or whatever it was intended to make you feel) a year after you take it, its probably a good image, and worthy of selling. 

Believe me, this thing really works. I have taken countless photographs that stoked the hell out of me when I made them, but wound up deep in an old folder never to be seen again.In fact, the 1 year rule is what convinced me to put “the comedown” on my bigcartel store, because after a year from taking it, i still love seeing the photo. 

So if you are considering selling your images, just remember to wait a few minutes to reflect on our work and consider whether you have made a good photo or a great one before you put it up for sale.

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